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For thousands of years, people all across the world (and possibly beyond) have experienced things they believe to be beyond the conventional boundaries of knowledge, facts, reality and comprehension and placed all these miscellaneous unknown things under one umbrella term: the paranormal. I have been a huge follower of paranormal things for 30 years and on, even for the stuff I don’t believe in, and besides having this site be the online foundation for my first paranormal project – the Phantoms Fill The Southern Skies published book – I also want to have my own hub of paranormal information and resources for people like me who just really like ghosts, aliens, magic and more.

Most things I will share come from other places and reposted with permission or otherwise understood to be ok to reshare, along with stock ghost pictures for visual presentation found on Google images or sites that I understand to be free and ok to share. Material that is not created by me will be blatantly stated and credited to the appropriate owners and parties. I do not have monetized material or advertising on this site and if that changes, I will update appropriately. My reward goal for the effort of this website and project is to become a known provider for paranormal interests like The Shadowlands and Castle of Spirits well before me. If I’m lucky, I might get some book or music sales out of it, but that is designed to be an indirect parallel function of this website and paranormal section. I do not plan to make money from other people’s material.

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Thank you and enjoy!

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