Paranormal Blog – “Road Trip: Creepy Corners of the Catskills & Haunted Hudson Valley | Haunted History Trail Of New York”

In looking for new sites to repost worthy paranormal info and articles from, I found this site that recommends certain places in the New England North of the United States that looked awesome and had some great pictures to go with it. Each Tuesday for a while, I’m going to repost their blog articles here to share along with others.

Haunted History Trail of New York writes:

“The Catskills and Hudson Valley areas are known for their serene beauty… and spirit activity. A music hall captivates visitors with its ghostly occurrences. An estate is haunted by the lingering spirits of a former resident. And a mansion with an Attic of Curiosities is a horror movie icon’s favorite place to stay. Explore this area and come away with some unforgettable stories. 

Start your getaway with a stay at one of these haunted inns:  

Burn Brae Mansion | Glen Spey, NY
Stay overnight at the Burn Brae Mansion or work alongside expert paranormal researchers during a private investigation. Uncover mysteries in the Attic of Curiosities, book a night in one of the mansion’s suites or stay in the original stables at the Stables Motel. Everyone will have a unique experience here—just take it from horror movie icon Linda Blair: it’s one of her favorite places to visit when she’s in the area. 


Known for its paranormal occurrences, The Shanley Hotel is no stranger to the strange. Book one of two overnight packages—a stay for two in the haunted hotel, a public 4-hr ghost hunt, continental breakfast and time to explore on your own; or a private group hunt and overnight for up to seven people. Visitors have reported cold and hot spots, the sound of voices, music and laughing children… among other things. Book online for package pricing and offer.  


King House Mansion at the Tarrytown House Estate | Tarrytown, NY  
Legend has it that Sybil Harris King, daughter of the co-founder of the American Tobacco Company, died on the second floor of the King House Mansion. Her footsteps have been heard in the halls, and strange activity has been reported in room 293—where she took her last breath. Stay overnight at this beautifully restored estate or dine at the Goosefeather restaurant and ask staff to share the mansion’s haunted history.  


Enjoy a meal and a spooky tale at this haunted restaurant: 

Silvio’s Villa | South Warwick, NY
Classic Italian favorites are not all that Silvio’s Villa is serving up lately. EVPs, glowing orbs, apparitions and unusual activity are common here—especially for diners at Table 24, said to be the site of a tragic suicide. Stop in for a bite and ask staff to share the tales, or keep an eye out for guided tours, hunts and other haunted special events throughout the year.  


Visit this nearby location for strange activity and a unique guided experience:  

Hamlet of Pine Bush: UFO Capital of the East Coast | Pine Bush, NY
There’s nothing abnormal about aliens and UFOs in Pine Bush, NY. In fact, extra-terrestrial enthusiasts have been flocking there since the early 1960s. Over the years, the community has witnessed some serious activities and strange sightings. Pay a visit in June during the Pine Bush UFO Fair & Parade to celebrate all things UFO and aliens or visit the local museum for self-guided and exclusive guided tours.  


For private ghost hunts and tours, add these locations to your trip:  

Private Haunted Huguenot Street Tours | New Paltz, NY 
Experience over 300 years of history when you visit Historic Huguenot Street, home to seven 18th-century stone houses, a replica Munsee wigwam, a reconstructed 1717 French church and the original Huguenot burying ground. Take guided haunted walking tours or participate in special programs (summer and fall) to hear stories of past residents who experienced terrible tragedies and encountered apparitions.  


The Tarrytown Music Hall Tarrytown, NY 
This historic venue was the performance home to some of the most talented actors and musicians of its time—and today is home to lingering spirits who believe, “the show must go on!” Book a guided “balcony to backstage” ghost tour to learn the music hall’s history or participate in a small-group paranormal investigation led by the Gotham Paranormal Research Society. 


Old Dutch Church Cemetery Kingston, NY
Dating back to 1658, the Old Dutch Church Cemetery is the final resting place for many – Revolutionary War heroes, politicians, notable Native Americans, and more. Each year, Theatre on the Road brings the stories of the departed to life with an hour-long haunted history program following guides through the cemetery lit by candlelight. Private group tours are also available year-round.”

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