Paranormal Blog – “Bites & Boos: 4 Spooky Spots to Sink Your Teeth Into | Haunted History Trail Of New York”

In looking for new sites to repost worthy paranormal info and articles from, I found this site that recommends certain places in the New England North of the United States that looked awesome and had some great pictures to go with it. Each Tuesday for a while, I’m going to repost their blog articles here to share along with others.

Haunted History Trail of New York writes:

“At four spooky stops on the Haunted History Trail of New York State, it’s best to make a reservation – but be sure to save an extra seat for an unexpected guest. At our haunted restaurants, the main attraction isn’t always what’s on the menu. It’s the stories behind the buildings – tales of murder, fires, crimes, and more. You might find it hard to enjoy a meal in peace. The spirits are restless, and looking for a little attention…

Red Coach Inn

When The Red Coach Inn, a Niagara Falls USA historic hotel and B&B, opened its doors for business on August 30, 1923, Niagara Falls had finally gained a hostelry befitting its rank as the “honeymoon capital of the world.” 

Red Coach Inn is home to a few ghosts – including the bride and groom who took their lives on their wedding day. Ask the staff about the ghost stories or experience them for yourself; guests of the historic hotel have reported seeing jewelry move across dressers, hearing music playing in the middle of the night, and the sound of people walking and dancing above them when they are already on the top floor.


Union Tavern

This New England-style tavern offers delicious food, cold drinks and a warm, welcoming atmosphere. Perhaps too welcoming of an atmosphere… as there have been sightings of a ghostly woman standing by the fireplace and men in the building’s basement. The Union Tavern owners have felt cold spots throughout the restaurant and smelled the scent of cigarette smoke in specific parts of the room. Doors open on their own and whistling can sometimes be heard from upstairs. You may even get touched on the arm or shoulder when no one else is around.

Mysteries surround the property, which was originally purchased in 1819 by a rumored ex-pirate. Since then, it has been a leg of the Underground Railroad, a residential summer home, a speakeasy during Prohibition and finally, a few iterations of a restaurant.

While you dine at this haunted tavern, ask the staff for history of the area and the unusual occurrences that have happened in the building.

1867 Parkview Inn

The 1867 Parkview Inn began as a hotel and restaurant and has operated as one or both of these for over 150 years. With so many souls passing through its doors during that time, one can only imagine the stories this historic building has to tell. It was restored to its former glory as a hotel in 2019 and now features nine rooms decorated with a historic theme and furnished with simple amenities for a comfortable stay.

Although most guests rest easy through the night, owner, Beth Johnson, has plenty of stories to tell. Bells ring and objects move in empty rooms in the restaurant. Legend has it that a small girl perished in a fire and a room with evidence of fire damage was uncovered in a sealed room during the renovations. Although the renovations have turned the spooky upper floors into a cheerful place to stay, paranormal investigators and ghost hunting groups have received signs that spirits are walking among the living at the 1867 Parkview Inn.

The Bull’s Head Inn

The oldest building in Cobleskill, NY has quite the history – one that is well-known by the owners of the Bull’s Head Inn. It was burned twice in battles during the French and Indian War, then served as town hall, courthouse, and meeting space, and eventually, a private residence. But it seems that one person in particular – Mrs. John Stacy – is the cause of all the trouble at this Central New York restaurant. Mrs. Stacy was a fierce anti-alcohol advocate, and has been known to knock over glasses, throw napkins about, and toss silverware off the tables – making her discontent with the operations known. If you’d like to meet her, you need only swing by – grab a bite, schedule a ghost hunt, or call ahead to request a guided tour of the Bull’s Head Inn.

These four stops are not all the Haunted History Trail has to serve – there are actually several haunted dining opportunities across the state to fill your plate. Navigate our website to find information on hours, opportunities, and spooky stories at each of our locations. Call directly to book your reservation or to get answers your questions. But beware, you don’t want to bite off more than you can chew…

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