Paranormal Blog – “Hunt For Ghosts Galore on an Albany Road Trip | Haunted History Trail Of New York State”

In looking for new sites to repost worthy paranormal info and articles from, I found this site that recommends certain places in the New England North of the United States that looked awesome and had some great pictures to go with it. Each Tuesday for a while, I’m going to repost their blog articles here to share along with others.

Haunted History Trail of New York writes:

New York State Capital Hauntings

Surrounding our state capital, in the Greater Albany area, there are establishments holding history that will intrigue… and frighten you. From the spirits that haunt the New York State Capitol to tours through a district that was once the site of a terrible massacre – it seems that spirits and spooks can be found around every turn. 

Start your getaway with a stay at this haunted inn:  

Historic Hotel Broadalbin

Historic Hotel Broadalbin | Broadalbin, NY

This beautiful hotel holds unsettling history—once known as the Keeley Cure inebriate hospital, where inhumane “treatments” were performed to cure alcoholism. Causing pain, blindness, even death, this facility was eventually shut down, but its unfortunate patients still remain. Book an overnight in the hotel or enjoy a meal at its 1854 Pub & Eatery, where you can ask the staff about their own experiences with the paranormal. 


Visit these nearby locations for a guided tour or seek out the spirits on a ghost hunt:  

Eerie Albany Ghost Tours | Albany, NY

Hosted by Discover Albany, embark on a guided tour to learn about the ominous spirits that haunt buildings of Downtown Albany. You’ll hear about the souls that venture through the area from the other side, including a ghostly figure that lingers past closing time at the historic Olde English Pub. Tours are available by appointment, March-October. 

New York State Capital Hauntings

New York State Capitol Hauntings Tour (Fall Only) | Albany, NY

In the New York State Capitol, you’ll find more than a century of legislative history in the walls of the 19th-century architectural grandeur. There are also sinister mysteries of the past that are waiting to be discovered, including the building’s most notorious carvings and the deadly fire of 1911. Take a tour and learn more about its spirits, legends, folklore and tales of unexplained occurrences connected to the historic State Capitol. Tours offered in the fall only, September-October. 


Schenectady’s Historic Stockade District

Schenectady’s Historic Stockade District Schenectady, NY

Every neighborhood has a past… The historic stockade district was once the site of a bloody massacre in 1691, and what followed were stories of more killings, curses and hauntings in almost every building on the street. Take one of two guided ghost tours—the “Colonial Hauntings” or “Ghostly Victorian” tour—and more about these stories. Private candlelight tours can be booked year-round by reservation.  


Fulton County Historical Society

Fulton County Historical Society Gloversville, NY

Through its collection of artifacts that span from the earliest years of the county through 2018, visiting this museum is a wonderful way to learn about the history of Fulton County. It’s also a place where spooky occurrences have been captured by paranormal teams from around the state. Museum volunteers and staff have stories of their own, including already closed doors slamming shut and a model train operating on its own accord. 


For private ghost hunts and tours, add this location to your trip:  

The Knox Mansion

The Knox MansionJohnstown, NY

This once lavish mansion has 42 rooms, an elevator, grand staircase, and a solid lava ash fireplace that was imported from Italy. And with all that grandeur, it also has a few ghosts. Built by businessman Charles Knox, the home is said to be haunted by his wife Rose, among others. Call ahead to investigate the hauntings through guided historical and haunted tours. Special events are also held throughout the year.

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