Paranormal Blog – “Test Your Courage with the Stops on this Central New York Road Trip | Haunted History Trail Of New York State”

In looking for new sites to repost worthy paranormal info and articles from, I found this site that recommends certain places in the New England North of the United States that looked awesome and had some great pictures to go with it. Each Tuesday for a while, I’m going to repost their blog articles here to share along with others.

Haunted History Trail of New York writes:

Brae Loch Inn

The stories of spirits abound in this area of New York State. History happened here, tragic tales are told, and playful spirits appear in the most unexpected of places. Start your CNY adventures by booking The Brae Loch Inn’s overnight package, a private experience including dinner and a ghostly tour. Then start exploring—a haunted amusement park, a historic hall, a train station filled with ghostly riders… whether you choose one or explore them all, you’re sure to leave this region with a spooky story to tell.  



Start your getaway with a private ghostly getaway package at this haunted inn: 

The Brae Loch Inn (Overnight with Private Ghost Tour & Dinner) Cazenovia, NY 

Located on Cazenovia Lake, book a “spirited” evening out with The Brae Loch Inn. Guests have reported seeing a ghostly girl in a blue dress offering to show them to their room—just one of the many sightings pointing to spirit activity here. A package for two includes a one-night stay at the Scottish Inn, a private ghost tour, dinner and drinks at the on-site restaurant, continental breakfast and more. Book online and ask to stay in their most active rooms, the “Mary Queen of Scots” Room 12 and “Robert The Bruce” Room 13.  


Visit these nearby locations for a guided tour or seek out the spirits on a ghost hunt:  

Chittenango Landing Canal Boat Museum

Chittenango Landing Canal Boat Museum | Chittenango, NY 

The Erie Canal workers of the 19 & 20th centuries had a superstitious nature—and maybe they were onto something. Visit Chittenango Landing and learn about the “Eerie” Canal, from a tragic boiler explosion to the death of a young boy… Guided and self-guided ghost tours are offered in-season. Call to book ahead or schedule an investigation, year-round.  


Park After Dark Ghost Tours

Park After Dark Ghost Tours Sylvan Beach, NY 

Sylvan Beach Amusement Park is known for its vintage rides and historic feel. It’s also known for being haunted—just ask the CasperCops. Book a ghost hunt (Friday & Saturday nights, each summer) and learn the legends of spirit and poltergeist activity as you venture into buildings and around the towering rides. Will you capture evidence on camera? 



Start your getaway with a meal and a spooky tale at this haunted brewery:  

Woodland Farm Brewery Taproom at The Hulbert House | Boonville, NY 

The Hulbert House was built in 1812 and played host to many notable figures from history, including Ulysses S. Grant. But its most well-known guests are not of the history books, but those visiting from somewhere beyond. Now a brewery and taproom, stop in for a beer and a bite and ask your bartender to share stories of the paranormal activity often found here.  


Visit these nearby locations for a guided tour or seek out the spirits on a ghost hunt:  

Hyde Hall

Hyde Hall | Cooperstown, NY

Over 200 years of chilling and documented paranormal activity can be found at Hyde Hall—from ghosts lingering in corridors to knocking, footsteps, and distant music. Ghost tours are offered in-season (groups of 10 or more, call ahead), with special “Hyde & Shriek” public tours each October. Not recommended for small children.  


Cooperstown Candlelight Ghost Tours Cooperstown, NY  

Cooperstown Candlelight Ghost Tours offers year-round, one-hour walking tours. The tours include stops at the National Baseball Hall of Fame, and the Christ Church Graveyard, which is reported to be haunted by slaves, servants, and the Cooper family. The most haunted street in the village, River Street, is included on the tour, featuring a trio of haunted houses – which were at one time owned by a member of the Cooper family. 


For private ghost hunts and tours, add these locations to your trip:  

Shoppes at the Finish Line

Shoppes at the Finish Line | Utica, NY

A young boy and an older man are just two of the ghosts known to greet visitors of the Shoppes at the Finish Line. Guests to the property have also shared reports of unseen forces, shadowy apparitions and furniture moving on the floors above. Investigations, ghost hunts, and special events are offered throughout the year, by appointment. 

The Stanley Theatre | Utica, NY 

In the 1920s, the Stanley Theatre stood as the gem of Utica. Today, it stands as a marvel and a mystery, with much curiosity coming from the hauntings that pervade the grand space. Guests recount hearing footsteps on an empty stage, witnessing items move on their own, and partial manifestations. Call ahead for a guided tour or ghost hunt, offered weekdays from 10-4pm.  

Union Station

Union Station | Utica, NY 

Accidental deaths near the Union Station are credited as the reason behind the long history of reported spiritual activity around the railroad. To this day, people continue to report ghost lights moving along the tracks, phantom passengers riding in the cars, and ghostly conductors pacing the platforms. Ghost hunts and investigations by appointment only. 



Start your getaway with a stay at this haunted inn:  

The Beekman House | Middleburgh, NY  

This 1835 Greek Revival Mansion was built by Nicholas Beekman to house his young family. As the years passed his son, Duryea, inherited the home taking his first—and last—breaths there. Stay the night and see if Duryea will welcome you into his former dwelling. Ask staff about the occurrences they often encounter. Open year-round for nightly bookings.  


Enjoy a meal and a spooky tale at these haunted restaurants:  

Bull’s Head Inn

Bull’s Head Inn | Cobleskill, NY 

The Bull’s Head Inn is the oldest building (1802) in Cobleskill and has served as a town hall, courthouse, temple, and inn. It was also the former home of Mrs. Grace Steacy, who was a fierce anti-alcohol advocate. So, when her former home most recently became a restaurant and bar, she decided to cause quite a stir. Dine in for a spirited meal but hang on to your cutlery, it might go flying… Ghost tours and hunts are also available.  


Grapevine Farms

Grapevine Farms | Cobleskill, NY 

Grapevine Farms offers a fun on-site experience, welcoming guests in to enjoy its bistro, wine cellar and gift shop. It also provides a great atmosphere for its otherworldly guests—such as the ghostly children who are often heard running through the halls. Visit to explore three floors of unusual activity, dine in for lunch and ask the staff to share their tales. Investigations and night-time tours are offered by appointment.  

Visit these nearby locations for a guided tour or seek out the spirits on a ghost hunt:  

Old Stone Fort Museum

Old Stone Fort Museum | Schoharie, NY 

The Old Stone Fort Museum was built as a church in 1772, fortified during the Revolutionary War in 1777 and attacked by British forces in 1780. Reported activity includes screaming sounds, a presence trying to stop guests from going upstairs, and apparitions in the doorway. Self-guided museum visits run May through October, and group tours and ghost hunts are available by reservation.  


Dr. Best House & Medical Museum

Dr. Best House & Medical Museum Middleburgh, NY 

The home of Dr. Best has seen its share of death, including the doctor’s son, young wife, and Dr. Best himself. So, it’s no surprise that paranormal investigations have revealed significant activity with EVPs and recordings of pianos and voices. Visitors are welcome to participate in guided tours and learn of eyewitness accounts of unexplained events. Special events are offered at the macabre museum throughout the year. 

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