Paranormal Blog – “Creaky Floors Behind Rochester Doors: Spooky Stops For Your Next Road Trip | Haunted History Trail Of New York State”

In looking for new sites to repost worthy paranormal info and articles from, I found this site that recommends certain places in the New England North of the United States that looked awesome and had some great pictures to go with it. Each Tuesday for a while, I’m going to repost their blog articles here to share along with others.

Haunted History Trail of New York writes:

Union Tavern

The Greater Rochester Area is home to those that dwell in the realm of the otherworldly. Near the city, learn the legend of the ghostly woman in white. Venture to the south for three haunted overnights that each have a strange tale to tell. To the east, haunted tours take you through a museum, a former jail, and the birthplace of modern spiritualism. And the fun doesn’t stop there…  



Start your getaway with a meal and a spooky tale at these haunted restaurants:  

Hose 22 Firehouse Grill | Rochester, NY 

This former firehouse sat abandoned for 47 years before it was turned into a restaurant, today known to the residents of Rochester as Hose 22 Firehouse Grill. Stop in for a bite and take a self-guided tour of the building’s three floors, including an original firehouse bunkroom and memorabilia said to be the reason behind much of the spirit activity here.  


Union Tavern | Rochester, NY 

A property that was purchased by a rumored ex-pirate, a leg of the Underground Railroad and a speakeasy during Prohibition—these historical ties add to Union Tavern’s personality and character. Enjoy tasty food and cocktails and ask the staff about the history of the area. They’ll tell you about the sights, sounds and scents that seem to come from the other side… 


Check out this unusual experience:  

Durand Eastman Park | Rochester, NY 

Head out into nature and see if a lingering visitor joins you… For decades, rumors of hauntings by “The White Lady” have swirled in the area. She’s been spotted along the roadways of Durand Eastman Park near Lake Ontario. Plan a visit and keep your eyes peeled for a vision of this woman to decide for yourself if the legend holds truth. 


Visit this nearby location for spirit activity or book a private investigation:  

The Bushnell House | Brockport, NY

The Bushnell House was built in 1839 and housed the Bushnell family for over 62 years, through trial, tragedy, and multiple deaths. Today the building is home to “Under the Apple Tree Antiques and Gifts,” but don’t let the cheery name fool you. Paranormal activity is a regular occurrence—investigations, lectures and tours are held monthly or by appointment.  



Start your getaway with a stay at one of these haunted inns:  

The Naples Hotel

The Naples Hotel Naples, NY 

Stay overnight as a guest in this historic hotel, and you may witness some of the paranormal activity of its permanent residents! There are reports of ghosts making their presence known by peering out of windows, flickering flashlights, filling the space with their scent, and taking a stroll down basement steps. On-site dining is also available. 


Miles Wine Cellar

Miles Wine Cellars | Himrod, NY 

The ghosts haunting this inn don’t want to be disturbed. Enjoy an overnight stay or a taste of the “ghost” wine (a Cayuga/Chardonnay blend) in this Greek revival mansion—but don’t get any ideas about rustling awake the ghostly spirits that linger around the residence. To allow the spirits to keep their peaceful dwelling, ghost hunting and séances are prohibited. 

Belhurst Castle

Belhurst Castle | Geneva, NY 

Belhurst Castle is a playground for those looking to indulge: with three hotels, two restaurants and the Isabella Spa-Salon, named after their most frequent ghostly guest. Those who stay have reported hearing soft lullabies in the middle of the night and staff have witnessed haunted activities in guest rooms and dining areas.  

Visit these nearby locations for a guided tour or seek out the spirits on a ghost hunt:  

W.M Phelps General Store

Historic WM. Phelps General Store & Historic Palmyra Historical Museum | Palmyra, NY 

“One of the most haunted places in the Finger Lakes,” is the name often given to the area known as Historic Palmyra. Schedule a private paranormal investigation or call ahead for a ghost hunt (offered daily) to learn the history of the area, including the tale of six children who died in a fire but seem to have made this their permanent home.  


The Fox Sisters Property/Hydesville Memorial Park | Newark, NY 

Take a guided tour of the property known for being the birthplace of modern spiritualism.  In 1848, sisters Kate and Maggie Fox connected with the spirit of a murdered man, communicating with him through handclaps and rapping noises. Hear their story, the fame that followed, and see if you can make out a faint rapping in the distance…  


Museum of Wayne County History

Museum of Wayne County History Lyons, NY 

Investigate the former Wayne County Jail where convicted murderer William Fee took his last breath in 1860. The only man ever hanged in Wayne County; it is said that Fee’s presence can still be felt among the jail cells. Ghost hunts and paranormal investigations are available by appointment, and guided tours are available during regular season hours. 

Check out these unusual experiences: 

Bishop/Gillette HeadstonePenn Yan, NY 

Here lies the Gillette family—and on the headstone, an image of Matilda Gillette’s reclining head that cannot be removed. This eerie gravestone is rumored to contain the possible manifestation of her ghostly image. Visit and see for yourself.

Spook HillMiddlesex, NY

Is it an optical illusion, or are there supernatural forces at work? This legendary spot in Middlesex is likely marked with the tire tracks of many curious explorers eager to see if the rumors are true: Switch your car to neutral gear in the right spot, and find yourself rolling backward up the hill…

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