Paranormal Blog – “The Best Ghostly Stops Along a Saratoga & Lake George Road Trip | Haunted History Trail Of New York State”

In looking for new sites to repost worthy paranormal info and articles from, I found this site that recommends certain places in the New England North of the United States that looked awesome and had some great pictures to go with it. Each Tuesday for a while, I’m going to repost their blog articles here to share along with others.

Haunted History Trail of New York writes:

Haunted Saratoga Ghost Tours

Head north and you’ll find that the ghosts don’t falter, the Saratoga and Lake George areas are bursting with spirit activity. Take a tour through haunted Saratoga Springs and learn of the many ghosts who haunt their former home, check out a spot in Lake George that contains a mysterious phenomenon, or continue north for a ghost with a hankering for chocolate and sweets. It’s a spirited adventure no matter which way you roam! 


Visit these nearby locations for a guided tour or seek out the spirits on a ghost hunt:  

Haunted Saratoga Ghost Tours | Saratoga Springs, NY 

Have you heard of Old Smoke, said to haunt the Canfield Casino? Angeline, known as the Witch of Saratoga? What about Hattie, whose spirit has been said to linger in her restaurant even after her passing? Learn about these spirits and more on a 90-minute guided walking tour through Saratoga, Fridays and Saturdays from May-November. Private tours available by appointment.  


Barkeater Chocolates

Barkeater Chocolates North Creek, NY 

Since converting to a chocolate factory in 2013, almost every employee has had an unexplained experience at Barkeater—leaving them to wonder, who is haunting the building? Spirit activity seems to be behind the happenings here, like the thermostat raising temps, smoke alarms going off or chocolate being thrown about. From March-October, the chocolate shop offers 90-minute guided haunted and chocolate making experiences—reservations are available online. 


Saratoga Springs History Museum

For private ghost hunts and tours, add these locations to your trip:  

Saratoga Springs History Museum/Historic Canfield Casino | Saratoga Springs, NY 

Following the opening of an exhibition of antique clothing, the ghostly activity at the Saratoga Springs History Museum seemed to kick into high gear. Take a self-guided exploration of the 140-year-old building and see if anything strange arises, or join a pre-schedule ghost tour taking place regularly from July-October.  


Old Fort House Museum | Fort Edward, NY 

The Old Fort House Museum offers two ghostly tours of its 1770s property. Take a “Spirited Walk” through the museum grounds, led by Colonial Character Guide Paul Stillman, in search of spiritual presences and supernatural images. Or book a “Haunted Tour of the House” to step into the oldest wooden frame house in the area—with a long history of ghostly visitors found within its walls. One-hour tours offered with advance reservation.  

Fort William Henry Museum

Fort William Henry Museum Lake George, NY 

Step back in time and experience live musket and cannon firings, talk with British Regulars, learn about the colonial times, and… go on a ghostly tour. Fort William Henry has been the scene of countless battles and disease. Ghost hunt and candlelit tours are available on select dates. Hear the legendary ghost tales, and possibly have an experience of your own. 


Check out this unusual experience:  

The Mystery Spot of Lake George

The Mystery Spot of Lake George| Lake George, NY

Located inside Mayor Blais Park, it is said that this location marks the spot where a great Indigenous God shouted his wisdom for the mountains, lake, and landscape to hear. To this day, scientists and visitors are stumped, for when you speak out loud, the sound of your voice is repeated louder than when it left—almost as if you are talking inside a cone!

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